Greetings Hatsukians,

Just wanted to update you guys on what's going on in our kitchen.

You can follow our updates here

Sugar Sugar Rune : Might be a while before you see them coming in again. Our QC in charge had to go on an undercover CIA mission and took our scripts (hence, us not being able to contact him). Zailis, where are you?! :D

I understand that some of you are worried about how we're being a little late this week with our releases and some of you probably heard in E! channel rumours about us dropping a show etc. Rest assured that those rumours are false and have faith on your Hatsu staffs! :p

Until next time,


PS: Although I personally doubt a capper would stumble upon this page reading this article and wondered 'Hmm... I wonder how I can help these guys?', Well.. We need a capper :D. As always, please drop a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are. Cheers
PPS: That email is NOT a Russian sex/dating line and is also not the IM of a Russian hotboy looking for love. So don't be afraid to drop a line there.


I hope everyone out there is having a great Chrismahanukwanzakah! I had a pretty good one, can't argue about the minor things right? Anyways, most of you probably don't know me. I'm behind the scenes doing random things and don't normally get my name on things because I'm kinda sporadic on which projects I work on, and even which episodes within those projects I work on. Either way, Naru finally gave me access to go through and edit some stuff on the site to help out with the Engrish and to help post new topics when new stuff is released so... yeah.

So far what I've worked on, is mainly all of the projects pages and made sure they were fully up to date and that the formatting stayed relatively consistent. There were some pages that were older and didn't follow the same format as the newer pages so I went and fixed that up. I also went and got rid of some erroneous code that didn't need to be there. It's technically valid, but looks kind of ugly.

Anyways, I'm gonna continue fixing up the site, so if you see some more changes it's probably be going through stuff and making some changes. If you see anything that looks out of place, or any Engrish that I haven't caught yet, feel free to send me an email: nsstrunks [at] gmail [dot] com OR hit me up on IRC. I'm nsstrunks on Rizon/Coldfront/DaIRC (DaNET). You'll see more of me as the new season draws near... GO OOKAMI!

~ Nessy signing off




All the staffs at Hatsuyuki would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Originally, we wanted to sing carols and upload it here. However, since we all didn't want to scare Santa's deers with our voices blasting through your PC speakers singing like a drunken maniac, we decided to make a list of our favourite Christmas tracks and compile it into an album for you, our fans, to show off to your friends and families.

Warmest wishes (for those with snows outside their windows) and 'snowy' wishes (to those that are spending Christmas in their shorts) from us all at Hatsuyuki Fansubs.

Happy Holidays !!!




Download: Here



A Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, kwanzaa and what else there might be. and a Happy new years to all.


Hello Hatsu-world. I found some free time to give you guys more reasons to sign up and stay on!

First of all. On your profiles there are some new things. Quickly go There!

Now it dosent seem like it changed much. But go and edit your info. There are new tabs. My PSN, MY XBOXLIVE, and MY Latest Tweets.

Go and edit what applies to you. The ones you edit will show on the profile for everyone to see.

"What about friends?"

Then to add friends simply go to someone elses profile by looking for the view profiles under current projects. Click on one. Request connection. Now you have friends!

"I want everyone to know what i am currently doing."

Then let every one who visits your page know what you are doing. Edit that box that is first opened on your profile.

Then some other things

And the blog is still there as always!

oh and the forum aswell

happy socializing!



Are you being called names such as  'Grammar Nazi', 'Dictionary Android' etc by your friends ?

Rejoice ! We might just be able to make you proud of being called such names ! :D

You! ... Yes YOU, can join us as Editors and show the world that Grammar makes the world a better place.

Only one requirements : Grammar mastery and an excellent gift to rearrange words/vocabs to make a line flow smoothly.

Anyway, experience is always a plus, but we'll take 'fresh intakes' on this :)

(you might have to send us a recording of  your mates calling you the above nicknames)

IRC is where we normally haunt people, but you can always leave an email at Naruto-kun's inbox : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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