Hello Hatsu-world. I found some free time to give you guys more reasons to sign up and stay on!

First of all. On your profiles there are some new things. Quickly go There!

Now it dosent seem like it changed much. But go and edit your info. There are new tabs. My PSN, MY XBOXLIVE, and MY Latest Tweets.

Go and edit what applies to you. The ones you edit will show on the profile for everyone to see.

"What about friends?"

Then to add friends simply go to someone elses profile by looking for the view profiles under current projects. Click on one. Request connection. Now you have friends!

"I want everyone to know what i am currently doing."

Then let every one who visits your page know what you are doing. Edit that box that is first opened on your profile.

Then some other things

And the blog is still there as always!

oh and the forum aswell

happy socializing!

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