So we have a nice couple @ Hatsuyuki!

Kaitou[Kid] and Floris257 are gonna get married next month. The baby will be happy.

They already chose an IRC name for the baby; Kaitou257.

Hi there true believers!  Well apparently we're having some minor hardware issues so the site is a little sketchy at the moment.  Nevertheless, we'll be working hard to bring the site back up to snuff as soon as possible.  Please bear with us!  Thanks!

Today is Naruto-kun1984's birthday, so here's a Miku with a (leek) birthday cake! 

29 years old and still fansubbing, let's clap and sing happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Naruto-kun1984!

Greetzzz, All Hatsuyuki Staff Members.

first article of 2013. that's all


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