So it's that time again?

Fall is comming, the trees are loosing their leaves, winter comes afterwards. A cold period where there's nothing better then sitting at home, wrapped in a few blankets while you... SUB ANIME!!

We are looking for some people to help us out, as always the most wanted positions are:

Translators and Translation Checkers

Don't know Japanese but still want to help out? We like the spirit! We are still searching for Quality Checkers, in other words people who know their English and can spot mistakes easily.

If you are willing to help us out, join our IRC channel #hatsuyuki or #hatsu-recruits and PM Naruto-kun1984, Floris257 or SleepSub[NL].  Or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



You'll find out in a matter of time. This depends on the amount of TL/TLC applications we get and on what Crunchyroll will do Fall season.



With another year survived we hope to see many good years comming for you!

Here is the pantsu you requested!

Everyone from Hatsuyuki staff wish you a nice day! Make some fun of it!

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Aside from Free! (which I do), Makai Ouji, and High School DxD, every MP4 and AVI releases will be delayed. None of as have nearly enough time as much as Floris did. You all love him because he can create those wonderful AVI encodes, so please wait two more weeks until he is back from Indonesia.

I am back! I will do my best to make the missing MP4's/AVI's as soon as possible. NS is the first on the list. For an update, PM me on IRC! 



Hello peeps,

Due to some server issues I will be atempting repairs on the server on the 27th-28th on July, expect down time. Durring this time if you need your updates you can follow us on Tiwtter, or join us on Irc at #This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

0 o

Just be ready for anything magical to happen, i might get drunk and think of a crazy idea. my best ideas come around that time.




The virus thing was not the issues I was talking about, but i have found it and removed it. Put this server downtime in the future is also about hardening the server for future issues. I went and tested in worst case setups (windows xp with ie7) i had 1 vbox for each antivirus that have found it (avg, mircosoft,antivir,avast, etc) doing some research the first one of this javascript virus (or i guess in this case maleware) was reported about a day ago. viruses come by fast.


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