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Due to some server issues I will be atempting repairs on the server on the 27th-28th on July, expect down time. Durring this time if you need your updates you can follow us on Tiwtter, or join us on Irc at #This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Just be ready for anything magical to happen, i might get drunk and think of a crazy idea. my best ideas come around that time.




The virus thing was not the issues I was talking about, but i have found it and removed it. Put this server downtime in the future is also about hardening the server for future issues. I went and tested in worst case setups (windows xp with ie7) i had 1 vbox for each antivirus that have found it (avg, mircosoft,antivir,avast, etc) doing some research the first one of this javascript virus (or i guess in this case maleware) was reported about a day ago. viruses come by fast.

Today is Wolfpup's birthday so we allow him to eat the strawberries today!

Happy Birthday Wolfpup!

Everyone from Hatsuyuki wishes you a nice day! \o/


Hey that computer that is posted. Yeah one day left for auction. I am also tossing in a 16 GB ssd. (If you install windows it can be used as a cache drive.

Head on over here

Oh and happy b-day kaito... someone wana buy that comp as a gift for him?

Happy Birthday Kaitou[Kid]!!

Seems your avatar's birthday is tomorrow, with these 2 being so close, lets party!

Everyone from Hatsuyuki wish you a nice day today! 

Hello Everyone your friendly webadmin rocker2344 here to yell at you


Ok on to real shit. My cousin was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma a few weeks ago. I want to help in any way I can so I built an extra computer that used to be my htpc/home server that i am now selling on ebay and all profits will be going to help him pay rent/bills what ever he needs taken care of. Most of his medical is already covered.

da mini towar!

Get the box that i used to use to watch porn with!

GO HERE and thanks for at least reading this.


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