Hi our fans,

As we promissed, now you have it, episode 02 of OVA2. Thanks to all our staff, who have been working hard on this release. So enjoy one of the best OVAs in this year :D

480p mkv and avi will be later. As for avi@SleepSub

Staff Credits:

  • RAW: Aera_Bibi
  • Translator: Rose_t
  • Timer: Rose_t, Aera_Bibi
  • TLC: Chojenoe
  • Editing: KazuoSan
  • K-timer: Flammer
  • Karaoke: DiaNgucMau
  • Typesetter: Rose_t
  • QCers: Dragoo, Mushuchan, Naruto-kun
  • Encoder: Salender
  • Bot: Black_OP[NL]
  • and our dear fans for watching our release.

Here you go:

Aa Megami-sama OVA2-02: [ 576 MKV Torrent ] [ 480 MKV Torrent] | [ AVI Tottent ] | [ 576 MKV Fileserve ] | [ 480 MKV Fileserve ] |[ AVI Fileserve ]

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Best regards, Hatsu Team.

PS: I was kinda shock when I saw something familiar to Russian in the sign


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