NS Movie 6th

Here ya go, enjoy! 

Encode from BD source. We will provide 1080p and 720p (10bit, 8bit). HD encode will take much time.

Cheer FixeR for woking hard on the encode \o/. You and your computer are both monsters, lol

One mp4 release for 1080p, then we are done with this show \o/

Staff Credits:

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You guys might have this question:

<@luridfuzz> FixeR: Hi there, why is the 720p .mkv in 1280x676 and 1080p mkv in 1920x1036?
<@FixeR> crop 22,-22
<@luridfuzz> So you cropped the letterboxing?
<@luridfuzz> Got it.
<@FixeR> well, we've done it on every Naruto and Bleach movie before.
<@luridfuzz> Oh, I was just curious because I thought that was an odd resolution.
<@luridfuzz> Thanks.

See screen shot comparision for more details.

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