Hi, finally we can release this movie. Sorry for taking a while to encode, even the main script was done yesterday. All we want is bringing to you a good quality for the release.

And here is our joint again with Tsuki fansubs.

We want to thank to all our staff members who have been working hard and fast on this movie:

  • Translator: Tobikage
  • TLC/Timer: Hitokiri, eray.gns
  • Editor: g_mikez
  • K-timer:  Pastaluaego, Rose_t
  • Karaoke: TheIczaka
  • Quality Checkers: Twiple, Naruto-kun
  • Encoder: FixeR
  • ED Translator: arashi0
  • ED Editor: mushuchan
  • Distro: Aimbotter

We will encode 720p when we have DVD9. So any errors you find out in this release, please let us know, we will fix them in the final release.

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