One of our new shows. Whoho~ One kind of Freezinggggggggg :D

Um, this show reminded us the situation of Freezing. We will use MX RAWs for better quality but censored to release episodes at first. After that, we will also release Uncensored versions from ATX RAWs. They will be out 2 days later. So please don't complain why we censored this anime. It's not us, but the TV station.

Staff Credits:

  • Project Leader: Aera_Bibi
  • TL: Aera_Bibi
  • TLC: aoizephyr
  • Timing: Aera_Bibi
  • Editing: ThumperZ1
  • K-time: Aera_Bibi
  • ED TLs: arashi, aoizephyr, TsukasaE
  • Karaoke: Naruto-kun
  • Typesetter: fgghjjkll
  • Quality Control (first pass): Dragoo, ndminh95, Piotov, Cryzo,
  • Quality Control (second pass): xninja, kaoribloodlust, wraithe
  • Encoder: FixeR
  • Bot: Black_OP[NL], Pato-kun
  • Special thanks to caper-kun for .ts, and karalaura100
  • and our dear fans for watching our release.

Here you go:

Episode 01: [ HD Torrent ] | [ SD Torrent ] | [ HD FileServe ] | [ SD Fileserve ]

PS: There is an error in the video around 2:52. it was from the .ts raw we got.

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