The end... With ice cream :>

Well, this is it. Maken-Ki! is all over now :') I hope you guys enjoyed... ^.^

Staff Credits:

  • Project Leader: Aera_Bibi
  • Translation: Aera_Bibi
  • Translation Check: ElyasRay
  • Timing: Pastaluaego
  • Editing: ScarletDevil, Calyrica (OVA)
  • K-time: Aera_Bibi, El_Sid
  • Opening-Ending Translators: aoizephyr, ElyasRay
  • Karaoke: Naruto-kun
  • Typesetter: Senzuri, Naruto-kun (OVA)
  • Quality Check: Klownzie, xninja, Eshita13, HeavenlyArmed (OVA)
  • Encoder: FixeR (HD), Furzi (SD)
  • Bot: Black_OP[NL]
  • and of course thanks to our fans!

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