Here ya go, our first BD project. Thanks to Salender we can archive this first project :P

We are recruiting C-E/ J-E translators and a back up timer. if you want to help us, please drop us an email.

 Here are our staff members who worked on this BD:

  • Raw/ Distro/ Encoder: Salender, SleepSub[NL]
  • Kara: Kanami Sama
  • The rest: Naruto-kun

Video and audio details:

  • Video: 1280x720, x264, FPS: 23,976, Bitrate:~4500
  • Audio: Vorbis, Stereo, Bitrate: ~256

HOTD 02 BD - Torrent

And the extra lossless audio

Hatsu staff~

PS: Any errors you find, blame Naruto :D

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