Here ya go!

We are recruiting C-E/ J-E translators. if you want to help us, please drop us an email.

Episode 01 HD: [ HD Torrent ] | [ HD Megaupload ]

Sorry for the long wait guys but it's here. Sadly won't be doing DVD releases for Kobato. If you'd like better quality releases, please drop your messages here for our staff to read - Agent Orange and Piecake. They will be the ones doing the quality checking for this show.

What's new with our Kobato HD releases you ask? For starters we have fixed the Engrish found in the previous releases. The scripts have also been tlced+qced yet again for consistency. Last but not least, or new encoder, Salender ( welcome to our home), new size ( bigger), and better quality than my upscalse were ( such a shame :P). This shall be our new resolution, according to Salender, this shall keep from loosing quality from our original raws.

We are not sure if we will do Avi releases this time as their is no real reason for it to begin with. But if you would us to release an Avi version please don't hesitate to leave us a message as we will check if it is a preferred format for fans. if we recieve enough request for an Avi version, we will look into getting you that format.

Small updates on our other projects:

  • Kiss 05-06: edit
  • Kiss 07: time
  • Kiss 08+: tl
  • HeartPre Cure 04+: QC ( we need more help on tlcing for this show)
  • Sora and VB and Bantorra: (don't ask us :P)

Next season plaining:

  • Black Rock Shooter: (we have tl, editor, encoder. Need tlcer, qcers)
  • Shi-ki: (we have tl, probally, editor, encoder. Need tlcer, qcer...)
  • High school of dead: I want to do this show, if you are a translator and want to help fulfill my wish, please drop me a message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

And... enjoy our Kobato 01 HD.

Hatsu staff~

PS: Any errors you find, blame Naruto :D


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