Sorry for taking a long time, but we finished it :P
Thanks to all staff who have been working hard on this show:
  • TL: Zalis
  • Timer: Ran, Pantom09, Sakumiji, RumbLE ( he quit after timing 1 or 2 episodes. He told me he hated this show, lol)
  • Editors: Deejon Loy, Natsu_Ai
  • Karaoke/Typesetter: Naruto-kun
  • Encoders: NightyNite, Naruto-kun
  • QCers: Zalis, Piecake,  Renegade Angel
  • And for those who have been working before our joint :P
You can get our release here:

SSR 51: [ Torrent ] | [ Megaupload ]

Here is our future plan for SSR:

We will release v2 for SSR 30-32

And a batch will come later that from 01-51 with good quality.

To the one who put comment on myanimelist that our encodes were bad: It's not we don't know how to encode. It's because the raw we got were bad quality.

Hatsu staff~

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