Hunter 148

Yes, we just keep moving up \o/

Thank you guys for watching our releases. There is one small note, that the Update Projects Page is active again. So you guys can check it before asking us about the release time :)

Staff Credits:

  • TL: CR
  • Timing: Amberdrake
  • OP/ED Translation: No Name
  • Editing: Chimps
  • K-time: vevlaa
  • Karaoke: Naruto-kun
  • Logo: KakashiCopyNinja
  • Typesetter: Amberdrake
  • Quality Control: Manne
  • Encoder: Wolfpup(mkv), SOFCJ (MP4), tonydanza (avi)
  • Special thanks to luridfuzz
  • and our dear fans for watching our release.

Here you go:

Episode 148[ MKV 10bit HD Torrent] | [MKV 8bit HD Torrent ] | [MP4 HD Torrent ] | [ AVI SD Torrent ]

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