Kotoura-san 01

Here is the batch!

All Credits to Floris257 for Blu-ray

Actual Staff Credits can be found at each separate release.

So here is the batch! It took a while so thanks for the patience everyone!

Fixes in batch:


Eps 2 freezing and NCED 3 freezing fixed (1080p only)

Eps 2 re-made for fixing a TS problem at the preview title.

Added some specials from Vol 6 I left out earlier.


We will keep seeding this for a while, we do appreciate if you guys seed as well! ;D

Thanks a lot for following us through this show. I had alot of fans talking to me about it, and I'm happy to hear you guys like our work.






Looking for capper / translator(s). Pls contact me or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. if you want to lend us your help :)

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