Sorry for the delays but apparently stations in Japan fail at airing this anime.

It's either bad quality (particles, noise, etc.) or it's censored. So blame them.

Enjoy it!

Sorry for making you guys confuse. As for the 720p, it's not our offical release, because this show is not in HD. It's an upscale version. We encoded it, because we know our fan will ask for upscale version. So, this DITVB show we will release like Kobato. There are 2 offical releases in avi and 480p in mkv in both torrent and megaupload, and one upscale only in megaupload for those who wants it.

In 480p mkv, we fix 3 lines around 0,0:20:18.30. Thanks Neclaga for letting us know.

Here you go:

Episode 01: [ 480p MKV Torrent ] | [ SD Torrent ] | [480p MKV Megaupload] | [ SD Megaupload ] [ HD Upscale Megaupload ]

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Best regards, Hatsu Team.

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