Hi everyone!

Yes we gotten lazy with this show, but don't worry we're still working on it. We'll be doing v2's for episodes 18-26.

V2 Fixes :: New karaoke AFX, logo,timing, typesetting , and this time the subtittles will have English not Engrish.


Episode Status :





  • Ep 18-22:DONE+ RELEASED
  • Ep 23: typesetting
  • Ep 24: fix-timing
  • Ep 25-27: translation checking
  • Ep 28: timing


There are the staff members who will be working on the show .


Hao: translator

Kagato, NatsuÍai :Editors

Kagato, MIstika: Q-checkers

Ran-chan, A-chan: timers

Naruto-kun: typesetter, timer, Karaoke AFX

Roflcopter, Nertip: encoders

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