Naruto, the chosen one...

We did special effects for the jutsu. Please tell us what you think. If you are AFX, or good TSer, and want to help us on making nice effects, just email us.

Staff Credits:

  • TL: Lord_Aizen
  • Timer: Aera_Bibi
  • Editor: OtakuSupereme
  • K-timer: Aera_Bibi
  • OP/ED: aoizephyr
  • Karaoke: Alkoon
  • Logo AFX: Tomo Ni
  • Typesetter: Naruto-kun
  • Effects: Vongola X
  • QC:  ThumperZ1, Eshita13
  • Encoder: FixeR (HD), Zumochi (SD)
  • Bot: Jikan

We need capper and experienced QC for this show. Email us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Episode 245: [ 8bit HD Torrent ] | [ SD Torrent ] | [ 8bit HD SleepWilders ] | [ SD SleepWilders ]

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