Strike The Blood II 08

Strike The Blood II OVA episode 8.  Thanks Kaitou_Kid and _08 of Kaitou Fansubs!

Episode Notes:

And with that, the second season of StB is done. That was fun. I hope they make a third season! Now we'll see how long it takes to apply the fixes for the batch release. Hope you all enjoyed it!

Staff Credits:

  • Translator: Tobikage
  • Timer: KatanaKiwi
  • Editor: luridfuzz
  • Typesetter: _08
  • Song TL: Tobikage, o0oo, Mommoka
  • Song Styling: Kaitou_Kid
  • Encoder: Kaitou_Kid
  • QC: Majjin


Here you go:

Episode 8: [1080p MKV Torrent] | [720p MKV Torrent]

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