Strike The Blood II 03

Strike The Blood II OVA episode 3.  Thanks Kaitou_Kid and _08 of Kaitou Fansubs!

Episode Notes:

Previously we had spelled Yume's alter ego as "Riru" because that's how we thought she was pronouncing it. Now that we've seen how it's spelled, we've changed it to reflect the proper spelling of "Lyl".

Staff Credits:

  • Translator: Tobikage
  • Timer: luridfuzz, Kaitou_Kid
  • Editor: luridfuzz
  • Typesetter: _08
  • Song TL: Tobikage, o0oo, Mommoka
  • Song Styling: Kaitou_Kid
  • Encoder: Kaitou_Kid
  • QC: Majjin, KatanaKiwi


Here you go:

Episode 3: [1080p MKV Torrent] | [720p MKV Torrent]

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