DBS 063

 We will pick up the old episodes too. And we decided to work on the Dragonball Z Resurrection F + the Future Trunks Special.

Staff Credits:

  • RAW: CR
  • TL: CR
  • Timing: KakashiCopyNinja
  • OP/ED Edting: Nyx
  • Editing: Nyx / ThumperZ1
  • K-time: KakashiCopyNinja
  • Karaoke: KakashiCopyNinja
  • Logo: KakashiCopyNinja
  • Typesetter: KakashiCopyNinja
  • Quality Control: ThumperZ1 / KakashiCopyNinja
  • Encoder: KakashiCopyNinja (MKV), FinalDevil (MP4)
  • Thanks to our dear fans for watching our release.

Here you go:

Episode 063[MKV HD Torrent_Version3] | [MP4 HD Torrent Version 3]

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