OP 867 889

It took a while, but as you can see in the credits, we all have to thank KakashiCopyNinja for this, I (Sleep) really appreciate what he is doing for Hatsuyuki and hope so are you. And again, congratulations on passing your exam! Hope all of you are safe!

Staff Credits:

  • Timing: KakashiCopyNinja
  • Lyrics OP and TL: Amberdrake
  • Editing: KakashiCopyNinja
  • K-time: KakashiCopyNinja
  • Karaoke: KakashiCopyNinja
  • AFX-attacks: KakashiCopyNinja
  • Typesetter: KakashiCopyNinja
  • Quality Control: KakashiCopyNinja
  • Encoder: Amberdrake (MKV), FinalDevil (MP4)

One Piece 867 - 889: [MKV 10bit HD x264] | [MKV FHD x265] | [MP4 8bit HD x264][MP4 8bit FHD x264]

One Piece 870 v2: [MKV FHD x265]

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