happy new year

Happy New Year to all of you!

A lot has happened in 2016. Leader changes, Staff members got busy and we were off with a bad start...

We are doing our best to beat our backlog with the current staff we have and well, to be honest, we have not enough staff members to pull all the projects through. I would love some more staff members to work on our backlog and future projects. Please bear with us for now to do it step for step. You can always apply for a job at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I would personally like to thank all the staff members of Hatsuyuki for helping out, bearing with me as Leader and hope we can still call this our home.

I would like to thank Naruto-kun1984 for giving me this task and hope he's lucky with his busy job and wife. Also I want to thank Rocker2344 for hosting Hatsuyuki earlier on.

Thanks to Luridfuzz and Amberdrake for being Project Leaders. They are great and doing everything to release quality.

And... I would love to thank KakashiCopyNinja. He kept the group alive and running while I and the others got it hard in end 2016.

And thanks to Tobikage, for translating Sinbad No Bouken and Strike The Blood II, our original projects of 2016.

And thank you. Yes, you. Your support keeps us alive and doing the stuff we love.

To a better 2017! Kanpai!

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