Dear lovely Hatsu visitors, here's your lovely SleepSub[NL] speaking.

If you read this, you probably know that Hatsuyuki is #dead at the moment. The only person that's active right now is Amberdrake, even though most of the staff members are still online...

Normally, I'm retired when it comes to fansubbing because of reasons some or most people know.

However, I joined Hatsuyuki 6.5 years ago... It's like a child to me and I'm not planning on giving it up because of a person's absence.


Most of the projects got stuck by Naruto-kun1984. Afaik, he has all the files at the moment. So this is how we're going to do it.

I've been asked by fans to revive this group and good going guys! If there won't be a release in the upcoming 3 days, I'll take over Hatsuyuki since I'm second in-line.

I hope the current staff members agree with me here and share the same vision I do.


Yours sincerely,


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