Public Announcement!


With Sleep-kun's recent occupation of London, and the assimilation of the once-independent minds Sallyriana and Manne, our newest converts, we have yet again expanded our territorial control. This map shows the bases of current active Hatsu operatives. Now we hold most of Eurasia, have significant presence in America, and have began the occupation of the continent of Africa. Nothing can stop us at world domination, and we will not stop until all your base are belong to us.

The world is not enough! We already dispatched agents into outer space, and Col. Lurid has reported in from Alderaan after seizing control (though he did seem uneasy about some big metal moon approaching him). Bow and behold! We will become the god of this new world. We are the Hatsu. Resistance is futile. Coz' we are simply one hell of a group. 

- Operations Specialist ultim

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