Magi Delays

As most of you noticed, Magi is pretty much... delayed. We've had a rough ride on this for some weeks since CR and our rip sometimes appeared later than expected which pretty much screws up our schedule since Hritham edits it at night before he hits the bed. However, this time we can't blame it on CR being late or something. Hritham is just... gone. We have no clue what happened, haven't heard from him at all and due to having no replacements, we are stuck with waiting till we hear from him. I suggest grabbing Horriblesubs if you can't wait, but for the people who choose to wait for us, I'll make sure to keep you updated on the situation. 

While I'm at it, we're planning to release a batch of Magi in a decent time frame after the last episode aired. In fact, some episodes are already ready for batching. I'm thinking of releasing a patch for ever batch episode as well, so give me your thoughts about that. Normally we don't do patches for batch due to hardsub karaoke which needs to be updated with official lyrics, however Magi has official lyrics from the start due to the kanji in the raw, so it is possible to do.

Hritham is also the editor for Mahou Sensou, hence the delays on it and the recruitment post for an editor for Mahou.


Also, we had some people asking about Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi OVA. I told them we wouldn't do it due to lack of staff, but some staff got free to work on it, so we decided to do it anyway. We're planning to release it within a week, maybe 2. I'm not putting it on the sheet, so feel free to chat us up on IRC if you want a status update, but please avoid asking in the cbox. 

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