Hi there, tyl here!

As you know, all our staff are busy with their own stuff and since I have an announcement of sorts to make, I thought I'd just give everyone an update on the stuff I'm working on (or involved in) at the moment. I will try to get some of this stuff cleared up over my winter break.

So firstly, the announcement. KuroBasu will be further delayed for the next two weeks as Kaitou is busy with his finals. We hope to catch up before the episode on the 21st. Sumimasen deshita!


Regarding the other projects I'm involved with:

Mondaiji BDs - Scripts done. Encoding is kinda messy atm and there are one or two TS problems that have yet to be corrected. So I'm not sure when we'll be able to deliver the first release. I'm really sorry about that.

Amnesia - Our TL is busy with studies, and I've been busy too so it was put aside. I'll try to finish up episode 11 this month, since it's stuck at QC. No estimated date for 12 for now.

Hen'neko BDs - Working on scripts at the moment. Still waiting on karaoke to be fixed for encoding.

Makai Ouji (TV Batch) - Need to work on scripts. Earlier episodes need reencodes with updated karaoke. No BDs for this because there are no raws available.

Free BDs: Special 1 waiting on QC. Special 2 to be translated. Scripts for normal episodes need to be worked on. Encoding in progress.

HSDxD BDs: Vol 1 scripts being worked on. Vol 2 being encoded.

Gin no Saji BDs: Scripts need to be worked on. Karaoke needs to be fixed for encoding too. I don't think we'll make it in time for S2 in Winter though. Sorry.

KuroBasu S1 BDs: Very low priority. Vols 1 & 2 are at various stages of QC-ing and TS-ing. Also looking for BDMV raws for Vols 3-9.


So yeah, that's it for the updates from me. Since I'm not working on the other shows, unfortunately I can't give you any updates on their progress. Sorry about the delays and thanks for your understanding. I hope to be able to complete (and maybe even release) some of these stuff this month. Partly because of this backlog, both me and Kaitou will not be working on any new shows for Winter and will only be continuing with KuroBasu. We are both looking at Haikyuu! for Spring, but we won't be confirming any concrete plans until late next March when we will know more about our other committments. Winter plans for the rest of Hatsuyuki have yet to be confirmed as well, but we should be picking up at least one new show.




Since tyl made a nice update article, I suppose I put some other stuff status' on here too.

Shingeki: 15-17 are all at encoding, main scripts are done. Encoder has been busy but expecting to get at least these 3 eps' out before new year. Encoder wants to finish all eps' before new year. 

Nyaruko / Da Capo III: Both are at TSing, SleepSub is working on it. No ETA atm, but it's being worked on.

Kotoura Vol 6 / Batch: Vol 6 is almost done, I just haven't had time to run the 1080p encode so it's stuck at that. Batch should only need a few fixes so batch shouldn't take long after Vol 6. This will be released around Christmas since 2 weeks holiday \o/

Kono naka Imouto: So someone suggested to do BD's for this so we had it all retimed, but there's too much needed for BD's so I decided to quickly go through the scripts instead and release a batch (sorry Kirito013). Planning to do this in my Christmas holiday as well.

Kaminai batch: ehm... I dunno, all at me but this has a low priority cause it's a lot of work to fix the many scripts and do re-encodes. I'm 30% on this though, we'll see of I have some time left in Christimas holiday ;P

Railgun: So there's some kind of deal with finishing this before new year, episode 11 is at naru for final. But as busy as this guy is, not sure when we will release it. If I find time, I'll take a look.

Infinite Stratos 2: We're doing BD's for this but since staff is busy, don't expect anything too soon. TV version should still be released every week. CR moved from Thursday to Friday and I've become lazy on this show since Ichika is a faggot. 

As you see, we have many goals to finish before new year! So look forward to our releases :>



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