As you know, our website were down in some days . Sorry for inconvenion. We were moving to a new home. With Anikat's help, now we're back. To become Hatsuyuki's member, you need to re-registry agian.

hatsuyuki Admin 


In the next season, we'll do a join project with AASAsubs in Pandora Hearts 

AASAsubs will do: translation, editing, q-checking, HD mp4 encoding

Hatsyyuki will do: typesetting, karaoke AFX, HD encoding mkv ( we'll mux 3 language engl-russ-spanish) and SD ( maybe) 


And we'll work on our own project : K-ON and  Valkyria Chronicles


So if u want to help us, pls join our irc :: irc://


or pm Naruto_kun

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