We're looking for QC-ers for our new show (Experience is a must plzkkthx).

PM RumbLE/Naruto-kun on IRC if you think you'd qualify as one. (for those going 'huh? IRC ? the hell is that? izzit some linux thingy or sumthin?... click on the IRC tab above to discover a whole new world... and no, you won't have a chance as a QC, but we could always use a lol in the channel every now and then)

(or you can join our channel in irc and curse at Pastaluego just for the heck of it)

ps: Limited seats available, book your seats now!

pps: If this is you, CONGRATULATIONS.. YOU GOT THE JOB ! {plz send more pics for confirmation.}

ppps: You could also email Naruto-kun at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

pppps: He's not a hot boy >.>

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