Hi everyone, JuN here.

I'm posting this regarding Kämpfer, I'm currently sick with a 39.5 degrees fever, that should explain the delay of the release, sorry...

Thanks for supporting our Kämpfer up till now, and I hope you guys will continue watching Hatsu's release for Kämpfer even though it's slow this week.

Okay sorry, Naru wanted me to change it to something like this:

I was eating swine soup yesterday, and it was delicious.

This is my own reason: I brought my darling Botan(Fujibayashi Kyou) for a walk around the neighbourhood, Botan kissed me and sneezed after that, I caught Swine Flu just like that.

-JuN/One-Man subbingMachine(Gun, SMG)

Edit1: Kampfer 03 is being QCed, so it will be out today :D

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