As you know that CR lisenced 11eyes. It was originally one of Hatsu's intended project for this Fall. So we decided to drop 11eyes.

We are so sorry about that, but we won't sub lisenced anime. It's our policy.

One of our friend fansubs group will do this show. And they are not bad (imo). So we'd advise you guys to get their release here.

On another note,  we are planning to pick up Winter Sonata to replace 11eyes. First episode will be aired on 17th of October. We will try to bring it to you (subbed) as soon as possible.

I'm looking for an editor for this show. If anyone has his free time, and is willling to help us (we'll need you to be online during the time of the show), pls email Naruto-kun.


Enjoy our releases!.


Hatsuyuki Staff~

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