Yo, I'm SS. You probably heard of me... or not... I'm the Co-Admin of Hatsuyuki.

Since some months or years ago, I was timing, typsetting and helped with some translations so now and then... Everything changed when I was recruited by someone...

So I'm translating for CR. I've been in Hatsu for about 4 years now (or 5? I don't even know anymore...).

Even though I won't create any fansubs anymore, I still feel to subtitle things that are worthy in my eyes, for example the music video's below.


I won't leave the fansubscene or disappear. Some of you may notice that my PM is blocked at IRC. A lot of people PMd me because they wanted to use me as a tool to give out caps or even give episodes that didn't aired yet. Ofcourse I declined all of that and seems I had to block my PM to get rid of all the people. (From now on: Just PM me and maybe I'll accept you...)

But without any other negative messages! Let's hear some songs I'll post on Hatsuyuki! 

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