Hello everyone! I’m posting today to let you all know that Hatsuyuki is offering its support to the Key 15th Anniversary Letter Project. The Key 15th project is an effort to reach out to Key and Visual Art's with a collection of fan messages, letters, and illustrations in order to showcase international fan support of their works. These will then be translated into Japanese and collected into a yearbook which will be sent to Key on the 15th anniversary of their foundation next year. We would encourage those who enjoy Key works to participate in the project.

If you choose to participate, there are several simple ways you can contribute. One way would be to submit Key themed, fan made artwork/images/media to the project for use in the project yearbook. Another way to help would be to submit messages of thanks, either in English or your native tongue. Project volunteers will do their best to translate all messages from their native origin into Japanese, and will likely include both the native and Japanese translations in the book. Finally, for those who want to help in another way, simply spreading the word about the project would be very much appreciated.

For more information, please check the project’s home page:

Letter and image submissions can be made here:

~Hatsu Staff!

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